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Workshop Meta-Analysis

As the amount of research studies is growing exponentially, meta-analytic techniques play a crucial role as they enable to:

- Quantitatively synthesize results across studies to make general conclusions;

- Reduce sampling error;

- Contribute to evidence-based decisions in practice, policy and research.

- Provide detailed information (e.g., what works, when, where, for who and at which cost).

This is significant as researchers, practitioners and policy makers are unable to read all research, reports, texts, etc. In addition, meta-analysis explains contradictory results, prevents politicians to use results that can ‘prove’ their statements, opens a conversation between researchers (questioning the results of each other) and deals with the failure of traditional qualitative reviews.

Consider the following opportunity to learn more about this power technique:

Stay tuned as webinars, workshops and trainings will be offered on a regular basis.

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