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Workshop - The R Statistical Computing Environment

Statistical Solutions Inc. is celebrating its first anniversary with a 5-hour hands-on workshop! This workshop is designed to introduce the RStudio statistical environment to those who are looking to use R for applied statistical tasks. Topics include data coding and management, as well as how to perform descriptive, bivariate and multivariate analyses.

This 5 hour hands-on workshop will be taught by Mariola Moeyaert, Ph.D. through Zoom. No prior knowledge of RStudio is assumed. Because Statistical Solutions is celebrating its first anniversary, the workshop is offered at a special discount price of $150 (normal price is $ 250). Detailed PowerPoint slides, individual consultations, and workshop recordings are included. The first workshop is organized on Friday, December 18 from 10am to 3pm (EST).

To sign up for this unique opportunity, email:

Agenda Workshop

This workshop is hands-on and held through Zoom, a video conferencing application. The instructor will share R code with the participants. The participants are encouraged to copy the code in RStudio or write code along with the instructor, and participate in the carefully designed exercises that will be interspersed throughout the day.

  1. Introduction to R/RStudio

R Basics

Importing and exporting data

Basic data structures in R

Working with data (merging, sorting)

Understanding R functions and help files

2. Exploring, visualizing, and analyzing Data in R/Rstudio

Descriptive statistics and exploratory data plots

Data Visualizations

Recoding data

Bivariate techniques (e.g., t-tests, chi-square tests) and bivariate plots

Linear Models: Estimation and diagnostics

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1 Comment

Sonya Xinyue Xiao
Sonya Xinyue Xiao
Dec 21, 2020

The instructor stopped right on time. In my workshop, "data visualization" went by pretty fast given time constraint, and the last 3 topics were only super briefly mentioned (within 7-8 minutes) which was disappointing to me. The instructor did share all materials and annotated notes with learners.

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