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Statistical Solutions is proud to announce that Dr. Mariola Moeyaert is featured as one of the Keynote speakers at the International Symposium (April 24-27) about "n-of-1 and single-case experimental designs".

During her keynote, she will provide an overview of inferential statistics in single-case experimental designs accompanied with a live Q&A session on day 2 of #SmallisBeautiful.

Dr. Moeyaert will also provide a hands-on workshop about using RStudio for meta-analysis of single-case designs.

Check out the event website: Keynote lectures 24 April 2023 - Symposium: Small is beautiful {once more} (

Do not hesitate to contact Statistical Solutions for consultancy and/or workshops that can be provided by Dr. Moeyaert!

Statistical Solutions Inc is grateful for being able to serve many happy clients in 2022.

Here you can find an overview:

- Institute of Education Sciences

- Abbott (

- FastForwardWorks ( )

- Association for the Cooperative Advancement of Science and Education (ACASE) (


- University of Connecticut

- University of Michigan

- A&M University

- Purdue University

- University of Arkansas

- Hampton University

- Praktijk Eerstelijns Psychology (The Netherlands:,

- GGZ Noord-Holland Noord · Department of Psychiatry (The Netherlands)

- Percontor

We are looking forward to further serving current clients, and welcoming new clients in 2023.

If the answer is "YES", then do not hesitate to contact us! As we are approaching the new year, Statistical Solutions is accepting requests for trainings, workshops, software demonstrations, and statistical/data analysis consultancy. We are looking forward to hearing from you/your team, and assisting you/your team with your individualized needs. Please contact us by submitting a request through this website, or by e-mailing:

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