Statistical Solutions Inc offers a variety of personalized services to individuals, corporations and public services in need of statistical data consultancy. We can provide the consultancy in person or through videoconferencing or email. All latest methodological and statistical innovations are incorporated in the service.


Clients can choose between the following three options: 

  1. Hourly statistical consultancy

  2. Courses, lectures, workshops or webinars on specific statistical Topics

  3. Software demonstrations

Hourly Statistical Consultancy

The hourly consultancy offered by Statistical Solutions Inc can take on multiple forms:


a powerful experimental study


statistical analysis techniques


the best statistical analysis technique to quantify and summarize data


how to run statistical analyses techniques using statistical software packages

Interpreting and explaining

results obtained by running statistical analysis techniques


 the best statistical analysis technique to quantify and summarize data 

Courses, Lectures, Workshops or Webinars on Specific Statistical Topics

Depending on the individual needs, Statistical Solutions can organize courses, lectures, workshops or webinars of varying lengths (one day, multiple days, weekly, semester lengths) and varying difficulty levels. Topics include descriptive statistics, basics of inferential statistics (one sample t-test, two-sample t-test, ANOVA, MANOVA, chi2 testing, etc.), regression analysis, meta-analysis, multilevel modeling, hierarchical linear modeling, single-case experimental design analysis, etc.

Software Demonstrations

Statistical Solutions can give software demonstrations in SAS, R, Stata, Jmp, SPSS, and MPlus. During the demonstrations, Statistical Solutions can use the customer’s data depending on the customer’s preference.

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